EKS Error : AttachVolume.Attach failed for volume

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Kubernetes EKS : attachdetach-controller AttachVolume.Attach failed for volume


Error :

Warning FailedMount 35 minutes ago kubelet Unable to attach or mount volumes: unmounted volumes=[data], unattached volumes=[kube-api-access-zv4 configuration data]: timed out waiting for the condition

Warning FailedAttachVolume 5 minutes ago attachdetach-controller AttachVolume.Attach failed for volume "pvc-7091b8b4-407e-b695-9909fa106fda" : timed out waiting for external-attacher of ebs.csi.aws.com CSI driver to attach volume vol-8d326adf6d

This error occurs when no Add-ons for Amazon EBS CSI Driver are installed. If you have already installed 'Amazon EBS CSI Driver' and it is in a degraded state, you must upgrade that Add-on. If you have not installed the Amazon EBS CSI Driver Add-On, you must install it. Navigate to the EKS kubernetes cluster > Add-ons and update the Amazon EBS CSI Drive.


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