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Secure nginx with Let's Encrypt on Ubuntu 18.04

Image source Configure Let's Encrypt SSL for Nginx webserver on Ubuntu 18.04. Let's Encrypt is a CA authority that provides free SSL certificates. You can get a certificate for web server like apache and Nginx . In this tutorial, I will explain you how to obtain ssl certificate using Certbot in the ubuntu server and make your website more secure. We will use Nginx web server in this tutorial. Prerequisites Setup Ubuntu 18.04 server with running Nginx webserver. Domain name, In this tutorial I will use  &  domain. You can buy a free domain on . Install certbot. Certbot is an EFF tool that obtains a certificate from Let's Encrypt and Automatically enable HTTPS on your website. So let's install Certbot on Ubuntu 18.04. We assume that you have installed Nginx before. Add the repository : add-apt-repository ppa:certbot/certbot This is the PPA for packages prepa

Manage GCP bucket using gsutil command

How to create a GCP storage bucket using CLI. Image credit `wikipedia` & Google cloud In this tutorial, I will explain to you how to manage and perform basic tasks in GCP cloud storage using the command line. Cloud storage is worldwide and highly durable object-based storage. You can access data instantly at any time from storage class. To manage cloud storage using command line we need to configure  gsutils Install   gsutil   on Ubuntu 18.04. Using  gsutil  you can manage GCP cloud storage. You can perform tasks related to cloud storage using  gsutil  command. So let's install  gsutil  on ubuntu. There are different methods to install  gsutil  But here I will install it using python package Index pip. Install the required packages. sudo apt-get install gcc python-dev python-setuptools libffi-dev Install the pip installer. sudo apt-get install python-pip Install  gsutil  using pip. sudo pip install gsutil Now, You are ready to use  gsutil . OR

Nginx Ingress with Cert-Manager Kubernetes

We will use Helm to install Cert Manager to our Cluster. Cert-Manager is a Kubernetes native certificate manager. One of the most significant features that Cert-Manager provides is its ability to automatically provision TLS certificates. Based on the annotations in a Kubernetes ingress resource, the cert-manager will talk to Let’s Encrypt and acquire a certificate on your service’s behalf. Note  : Ensure that you are using Helm v2.12.1 or later. Prerequisites  : A Kubernetes cluster version 1.8+ The kubectl CLI installed and configured Helm and Tiller should be installed. 1. Connect the cluster : gcloud container clusters get-credentials yourclustername --zone zonename --project projectname 2. Create a namespace  cert-manager . Before installing cert-manager . We will create a namespace for the cert-manager.  kubectl create namespace cert-manager 3. Install Cert-manager Now, Install the cert-manager and CRDS. it will install the issuer and cluster