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Deploy wordpress with Docker compose - Linux Guru

image source medium How to use Docker compose. If you are using docker for your application and you are using more than one container for your app, then you have to use docker compose for app and it's too time consuming, example: web server with database will run from same file (WordPress,apache OR mysql). Docker compose allow you to use YAML file to run deploy multi container apps. We can configure multiple container we want. In the docker file it describe how app will build, connect and where data stored. To run docker compose, You have to install docker and docker compose in your PC. To install docker click here. Install docker compose. Download latest version of docker compose. $ curl -L`uname -s`-`uname -m` -o /usr/local/bin/docker-compose Give the permission to the binary. $ chmod +x /usr/local/bin/docker-compose Now we will install wordpress site along with mysql using d

Deploy Nginx on Kubernetes GCP - Linux Guru

Image source nginx I have created this tutorial for the beginners who are just started working on kubernetes, and wants to know how to deploy apps on Kubernetes, So i will install simple Nginx app on Kubernetes. i am using gcp for Kubernetes, So first we will have to create Kubernetes cluster over GCP account. So let's create Kubernetes cluster with minimum node requirement. we will use f1-micro instance for the Nginx deployment, You can also deploy multiple app on cluster. if you are using google cloud then you have already setup gcloud on your local machine so that we can manage cluster from local machine using gcloud. Cluster Specifications : Cluster name : my-cluster Zone : europe-west1-b, europe-west1-c, europe-west1-d  Disk : 10 GB  Node pool : 1 (it will create 3 instance in each zone). Machine Type : f1-micro Create cluster command :  $ gcloud container clusters create my-cluster --zone europe-west1-b --additional-zones europe-west1-c,europe-west1-d --disk-t

Generate wildcard SSL Letsencrypt Nginx - Linux Guru

Generate wild card certificate nginx Letsencrypt Letsencrypt is an easy and free to generate and manage ssl certificate. using Letsencrypt we can generate ssl for our domain or Letsencrypt also allow us to create wild card ssl certificates also, So let's create wild cars ssl certificate for the website  (, What is wild card Certificates. Wild card certificate is valid for you all sub domains. if you have multiple sub domain and use one certificate of all , then you can use wild card for it. ie :, Here i am using nginx for web server and Ubuntu as operating system. we ensure that you have installed certbot on your machine. Configure ssl for your website. certbot --server --manual --preferred-challenges dns --installer nginx -d * It will ask you some information an

Another instance of Certbot is already running - Solved - Linux guru

Image source certbot I got this error while configuring SSL on my website using certbot. So here is the steps which i used to resolve this `Another instance of Certbot is already running` error. Error  : Another instance of Certbot is already running certbot --server --manual --preferred-challenges dns --installer nginx -d * Another instance of Certbot is already running Reason  : when you run certbot form your machine and unexpectedly stop the command, Then cert bot is not running but it left some .certbot.lock files behind.You need to kill the certbot instance form your machine. Solution  : Run the below command to find killed certbot. find / -type f -name ".certbot.lock" You can see result of the command, If there are, you can remove them. Run below command to remove them. find / -type f -name ".certbot.lock" -exec rm {} \; And try again. Hope your problem is resolved. Yo

How to install minikube on Ubuntu 18.04

Source image from Medium Minikube is a tool that makes it easy to run kubernetes locally. Minikube runs a single node kubernetes cluster inside a Linux VM. we can use it for development and testing purpose. it can not spin up production cluster because it's one node machine with no high availibility. It works on Linux, Windows and Mac machine. You will also need virtulization software installed to run minikube. So here we have use virtual box for virtualisation. Update the system with latest packages. $ apt-get update $ apt-get install apt-transport-https $ apt-get upgrade Install Virtual box in ubuntu. You will also need virtulization software installed to run minikube. So here we have use virtual box for virtualisation. $ sudo apt install virtualbox virtualbox-ext-pack Download and install minikube. We will download minikube binary file and give it to executing permission and put it in to /usr/local/bin/ . $ wget

Jenkins Monitoring Plugin - Linux Guru

In this tutorial i will explain how to monitor jenkins node, The Monitoring plugin provides monitoring of Jenkins with JavaMelody, W e will install plugin of monitoring in jenkins. it provides graph and info of memory, cpu, http responce time, system load, load average and all things. it is also provides errors, http sessions, heap dump, invalid sessions. let's install monitoring plugin to jenkins. Login to jenkins web. Go to the Manage Jenkins > M anage Plugins . and search for monitoring and install it. After installing plugin of monitoring. Go to the Manage Jenkins and click on  Monitoring of Jenkins master. You can monitor jenkins node from here.