How to create simple react app Linux guru

How to create simple react app.

We will use "create-react-app" package to install and configure simple react application from NPM, Open your terminal and install react app.

$ npm i create-react-app -g

Now we have install react and now we can create react app, Go to the directory which you want to install react app and run below command.

$ create-react-app react-app

It will take some time to create app, it will create some of scripts and application for us. So now go to the directory and check.
$ cd react-app

Now we will launch the application which we have created by react.
$ npm start

Compiled successfully!

You can now view react-app in the browser.
  Local:            http://localhost:3000/
  On Your Network:
Note that the development build is not optimized.
To create a production build, use npm run build.
You can access it by using your ip and port 3000.

You can download app from here :

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