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Here are some usefull cockroachdb command and steps to create cockroach db database and uses of cockroach db database.

  • Create CockroachDB database :
CREATE DATABASE cockroachdb;
  • Create CockroachDB Database User :
CREATE USER cockroachdb WITH PASSWORD 'vishal';   
  • Grant Privileges on CockroachDB Databases :
GRANT ALL ON DATABASE cockroachdb TO cockroachuser;
GRANT ALL ON TABLE cockroachdb.* TO cockroachuser;
  • Change cockroach db user password :
ALTER USER vishal WITH PASSWORD 'newpassword';
  • Login to kubernetes deploy cockroach :
psql 'postgresql://username@ip:26257?sslmode=allow'
  • Import Cockroach db Dump :
psql -p 26257 -h host -d database -U vishal < database.sql
  • How to rename Cockroach database :
ALTER DATABASE olddbname RENAME TO newdbname;

Privilege Levels
ALLDatabase, Table
CREATEDatabase, Table
DROPDatabase, Table
GRANTDatabase, Table

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