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How to configure aws cli

Here's step by step guide on how to create AWS cli command line interface.

Install AWS cli : 
apt install awscli

Configure cli :
root@master:~# aws configure

AWS Secret Access Key [None]:ajSVcqigHq9XQnLv0SGAhUxVYB1Hs1O8L3d
Default region name [None]:us-east-1
Default output format [None]:vishal

It will ask you for access ID and secret access ID, You will have to provide AWS Access Key ID and AWS Secret Access Key are your account credentials.

How to create aws access key ID and secret access key.

1. Open the IAM console.

2. In the navigation pane of the console, choose Users.

3. Choose your IAM user name. 

4. Choose the Security credentials tab and then choose Create access key.

5. To see the new access key, choose Show. Your credentials will look something like this:

The only time that you can view or download the secret access keys is when you create the keys. You cannot recover them later.

So in the next post i will explain you how to use AWS cli f…

Useful docker command list with example

In the previous article we have shown that how to install docker service in linux server, Now in this article i will explain some useful docker command which we are using daily basis.

Some useful Docker commands.

Docker search Docker pull Docker imagesDocker rmiDocker runDocer psDocket execdocker rm Docker killDocket startDocket stop 

1. Use docker command to search for nginx image, it will show the list of all availible nginx image from dockerhub.

docker search nginx 

2. Use docker command to download the nginx image, , it will search images first in your local machine, if image is not availible in local machine then it will download image from docker machine.

docker pull nginx

3. to check image is download or not. below command will show you all downloaded images of your local machine.

docker images

4. Use docker command to remove an image

docker rmi nginx 

Now we will create a container from an image,

Image: images are like a code we can download and run it.
Container: It's execute code a…