How to check if the package is installed in linux

 Commands for check installed package :

With Apt command : 

List all installed packaged :
# apt list --installed

For check particular package :
# apt list --installed | grep -i apache

With DPKG Command 

List all installed package
# dpkg -l

List particular package name
# dpkg -l | grep apache2


# dpkg -l | grep apahce2 | awk '{print $2, $3}'

the second version prints just the name and version of the package.
If the package is not installed nothing is printed to the terminal.

For Cent OS :

List all enabled repository on your system.
# yum list installed

List particular package with yum
# yum list installed | grep php

From RPM :
# rpm -qa | grep httpd

By Vishal Vyas


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