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How to Install docker-compose CentOS7

 Install Docker-compose on CentOs7 Linux. Docker composer yum install -y epel-release yum install -y python-pip pip install --upgrade pip pip install docker-compose pip install backports.ssl_match_hostname --upgrade Also need to run : pip install six --upgrade Checking : [root@slaveserver ~]# docker-compose -v docker-compose version 1.15.0, build e12f3b9 [root@slaveserver ~]# Run docker-compose help for more command-line options. [root@slaveserver ~]#   docker-compose help Define and run multi-container applications with Docker. Usage:   docker-compose [-f <arg>...] [options] [COMMAND] [ARGS...]   docker-compose -h|--help Options:   -f, --file FILE             Specify an alternate compose file (default: docker-compose.yml)   -p, --project-name NAME     Specify an alternate project name (default: directory name)   --verbose                   Show more output   -v, --version               Print version and exit   -H, --host HOST            

How to restore chmod exicutable permission

If a careless sysadmin executes this command on your linux server   chmod 444 /bin/chmod - what do you do to fix this? Solution ! This command  will fix it if you are root user, Most unix and linux based OS's have perl installed and available by default. #perl -e 'chmod 0755, "/bin/chmod";'