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Monitoring User Activity with psacct On Linux

One of the big advantages of using psacct on your server is that it provides excellent logging for activities of applications and users. Installation :- for Redhat, Fedora, CentOs yum install psacct service psacct start For Ubuntu Debian apt-get install acct service acct start How to use psacct : The connect time in hours is based on logins and logouts.  root@Vishalvyas:~#   ac -p         vishal                        9.12         Ashish                      20.60         Vipul                        15.80         Anil                          17.33         Akshay                     10.92         pritesh                      4.10         chirag                       8.75         total                         168.95 Which user has executed what command on system : root@Vishalvyas:~# lastcomm vishal Process        Flag    Username  Terminal    Time vim                          X vishal        pts/2         0.01 secs Tue Mar  5 10:16 su               S           vishal