Using the ZIP command on Linux

zip is used to compress the files to reduce file size and also used as file package utility.

Create TAR file :-

=> tar -cvf dir.tar dir   
    it makes the compressed file of dir with new name.tar

Compress TAR :-
=> tar -xvf dir.tar
    it extracts the dir.tar to orig of it's dir (come back)

Create a ZIP file :-

=> zip -r /etc
    it makes the compreesed file of /etc with name

UnZIP file :-

=> unzip
    it unzip the file with its origin


=> gzip -v dir/file    zip the dir/file
=> gunzip dir.gz    unzip the gzip dir/file

=> bzip2 -v dir/file    zip the dir/file

=> bunzip dir.bzp    unzip the bzip dir/file

=> evince filename    to see pdf file

Vishal Vyas